What doing the WOW questionnaire (and receiving the report), feels like and what benefits it offers.

My initial response to the word ‘assessment’ was fear – fear of judgement, fear of failure. It was only after having worked through the questions and read through the definitions that I began to relax and realise that this is not a pass/fail test but a tool that not only points out areas of strengths (know thyself in order to become more aware and be able to make the most of your strengths) but also points to actions that can be taken to improve on each area of competence, thereby becoming more effective in work and personal spheres of life.

The generous sharing of knowledge in the report back, as well as the gentle and caring tone helped me to be more honest in my responses and work with the document. I liked the last message in the ‘Final Review’.

I enjoyed the structure of the document – covering page with 16 competencies listed; questions and definition of terms; interpretation of results; and review. The structure guided me through the document. Each component of the document was a learning experience.

I found the Interpretation of results to be accurate.

I liked the format of the questions in that they were easy to work through (ticking statements that are applicable) and yet the content was challenging. I found the questions very relevant to the competence.

I found it to be a satisfying and useful assessment in that I learnt about myself; it gave me time for reflection; provided solutions to my shortcomings; allows me to follow actions to be taken in improving on my competencies by following the points in the questions or seeking the help of an expert; increased my awareness; and clearly stated areas that need to be worked on in becoming successful in work and social spheres of life.

What I most appreciated was that the document was the generous sharing of knowledge and an honest attempt at providing help. At no point did I feel manipulated or that there was a hidden agenda. I found there to be a wealth of information, nicely summarised.

The document is very professional and a valuable piece of intellectual property.

Paola Volpe
Commissioning Editor – Heinemann
2008 -2010


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Survey Uses

  • Leadership career assessment
  • Strategic career assessment
  • Managerial career assessment
  • Woman leadership development
  • Diversity strategy
  • Upskilling
  • Learning and development

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