Motivation for use

The World of Work (16) Questionnaire offers the following benefits to organizations and individuals;

A Strategic Career Development Tool.

Employees often have good technical skills for their positions but struggle when it comes to managing their careers in a predominately Corporate Political Context.

Research done by Dr R Volpe over the last decade has highlighted that it is in fact 16 arenas that require development and enhancement which enable a employees to strategically manage their careers.

These 16 factors are:

 1.  Technical skills                                                     

2.   Personal mastery                                   

3.   Personal branding                                   

4.   Networking                                                     

5.   Presentation ability                                   

6.   Diversity                                                     

7.   Negotiation                                                     

8.   Self esteem                                                     

9.   Financial acumen                                   

10. Strategic thinking                                   

11. Work life balance                                   

12. Conflict management                 

13. Political acumen                                   

14. Coaching                                                     

15. Resilience                                                     

16. Transformation       

In order to be astute and effective with regard to career management employees

Firstly , need to know these factors are relevant

Secondly, need to assess their performance with regard to each of them

Thirdly, need to determine the importance of each competence relevant to their optimal job performance and delivery

Fourthly, should ensure that they are at least competent in all areas and highly competent in those pertinent to their specific jobs

Fifthly, take the responsibility to ensure they attain the required development in those specific areas.


Organizational benefits

Wow (16) contributes to a comprehensive Diversity and Learning and Development Strategy.


To some extent many  Organizations it may be said to remain masculine contexts.

More women leaders, and indeed effective and astute women leaders are required.

As such it is essential that organizations take accountability for enhancing the calibre of their women leaders.

In order to do so in a comprehensive and orderly manner there needs to be an understanding of those areas in which Career women need to have competence in order to be effective over and above their base Technical expertise at the work front.

Participation enhances responsibility and as such when the  WOW (16) Questionnaire is completed by individual employees as part of a Learning and Development needs assessment and the follow up Diversity Strategy  is responsive to those needs expressed by the participants in the survey one ends up with  a motivated team of people who are keen to participate in their own career development.


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Survey Uses

  • Leadership career assessment
  • Strategic career assessment
  • Managerial career assessment
  • Woman leadership development
  • Diversity strategy
  • Upskilling
  • Learning and development

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